How to Use AI to Prepare for a PhD Admission Interview


17th April 2024

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With your PhD admission interview coming up, you might be feeling stressed and slowly overwhelmed. That is a natural reaction as interviews can be challenging. Having to prepare for multiple interviews at once can be particularly stressful as you need to juggle various expectations and requirements. The good news is that you can incorporate AI tools, such as ChatGPT to streamline your preparation process and alleviate some of the stress. To help you out, here we list three ways you can use AI to prepare for a PhD admission interview.

Use ChatGPT to Generate Interview Questions

A helpful way to use ChatGPT is to instruct it to generate PhD interview questions that are typically used when interviewing potential PhD candidates in your particular subject area. For example, you could ask: “Can you list interview questions I might be asked when interviewed for a PhD in Clinical Psychology?” ChatGPT will then provide a series of questions, such as “What attracts you to this particular programme? Have you identified potential mentors or labs you would like to work with?” By browsing through these questions and answering them to the best of your ability, you will know what to expect during the interview and feel more confident in your responses.

Use ChatGPT to Learn How to Answer Interview Questions

After answering the generated interview questions yourself, you may ask ChatGPT to help you answer the same questions. You could prompt it by asking “Can you give me tips for answering the questions you provided to help me understand what constitutes a good response?” ChatGPT will then provide you with useful tips for each of the questions listed previously. To prepare yourself for an interview even better, you could evaluate whether the answers you gave incorporate all the tips and suggestions identified by ChatGPT. This will help you refine your answers further and maximise your interview success.

Use ChatGPT to Check Your Interview Revised Answers

As a third and final step, you could revise your answers based on the provided tips and suggestions and then ask ChatGPT to go through your answers and improve them further. For instance, you could paste a particular answer in the chat and instruct ChatGPT to provide feedback on its clarity, coherence, and effectiveness. By doing so, you can use ChatGPT as a virtual coach to refine your responses, ensuring they are well-structured, articulate, and tailored to the specific requirements of your interview. In the long run, this whole procedure will improve your interview performance and increase the likelihood of getting admitted to a university. 

Takeaway Message

The takeaway message here is that AI can significantly ease your preparation for a PhD interview. From generating interview questions to teaching you how to answer them and refining your answers, AI can be an invaluable companion to use in your PhD admission interview preparation process.