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  • Can I speak with my academic?
    You can speak with your academic as and when you require it if you request the upgrade for direct contact when you order your project. Once we find the right academic for your project, we will make the arrangements for you to speak via our online tutoring platform or, if possible, face to face.

    Meeting in person is not always possible as our academics are based around the world, often in the places where they conduct their own academic research.
  • Will my academic be a native English speaker?
    We guarantee your academic will be a native English speaker. This is something that sets us apart from some of the low-level operators offering academic support. Our academics are all native speakers, drawn from some of the best universities – in most cases, Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Are your academics using AI?
    Absolutely not. We prioritise academic integrity in all our services and we can guarantee that every order is crafted by human academics, not by AI.

    In fact, our academics are real professionals holding a PhD, with years of expertise in their fields. They undergo a rigorous vetting process, with only 4% of applicants successful.

    Every order fulfilled by our network of senior academics is subject to a meticulous quality control process. This consists of multiple review steps to ensure accuracy, originality and adherence to academic standards.

    We also use advanced software to verify that no part of the work is generated by AI, further guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of the document you will receive.

    For extra peace of mind, you can purchase an AI scan of your requested document as an add-on service when placing your order.
  • Is My Private PhD safe?
    Yes. My Private PhD is a division of Icarus Education Ltd. Our process is entirely transparent, and you can speak to our academic consultants by email or over the phone at any time during our normal working hours. We take payments online through Stripe - a globally secure payment gateway - so your money is always safe. We handle customer data according to the latest GDPR guidelines and respect our customers' privacy. For more information, you can read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you're ever in doubt, speak with one of our dedicated consultants who will be more than happy to help.
  • What are you credentials and experience?
    My Private PhD is a fully registered, legally compliant company offering educational services. We have been supplying academic services since 2006 and have thousands of happy customers. Rest assured your documents will also be kept safely and confidentially, and all of your communications kept private.
  • Can you help me with my PhD application?
    We only work with highly qualified professional academics who have helped future PhD students secure their scholarships in some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, including Oxford and Cambridge. They will support you along each step of your PhD application, offering guidance and expertise to maximise your chances of success.
  • My subject is very specialised. Can you help?
    We are very confident that we can. One of the benefits of having been in business since 2006 is the depth and breadth of our network of leading academics. Our experts have helped numerous PhD candidates with complex and unique projects, and we firmly believe that they can also help you.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    We can work to whatever deadline you wish. Let us know how soon you need your order at checkout.
  • I haven’t seen a lot of My Private PhD reviews. Why not?
    You haven’t seen a lot of My Private PhD reviews because we respect our customers’ privacy, so we don’t push them to speak up about our service online.

    We know it's not always easy to ask for help, and many of our customers just aren't comfortable writing My Private PhD reviews that include their name, circumstances or university and programme. That's just fine with us. Other companies take their customers’ privacy less seriously, or just make reviews up. You won’t catch us doing either: our customers and their needs come first at My Private PhD. Reviews and pages full of accolades are a lot less important to us than satisfied customers.

    Another reason you don't see our website covered with My Private PhD reviews comes down to our company's mission: we're intent on helping students improve themselves throughout their academic journey, not building a showcase of glowing reviews. We believe, and more importantly, our customers believe, that the quality of our service speaks for itself.

    You can see a few My Private PhD reviews here on our site, and if you want more customer feedback, you're welcome to get in touch with our academic consultants. They can answer any questions you may have.

    If you asked this question because you'd like to write a review, we're happy to hear it and we will respect your privacy completely. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so if you have feedback – positive, constructive, or a bit of both – we are eager to take it on board. Who knows – the first entry on a future My Private PhD review page might be yours.
  • Is this service legal?
    Yes, we're a legitimate and registered company, part of Icarus Education Ltd., offering a service that is legally compliant. If you've any questions regarding the above or anything not answered in our FAQ, you can contact us by phone or email any time.
  • How do I know you are a real company?
    Good question. There are plenty of low-level operators that you should be very cautious of companies with vague histories and no one to talk to. My Private PhD is different. We have been helping thousands of PhD students since 2006. You’re welcome to give us a call, or talk to us via email, WhatsApp or chat at any time. You can also request a conversation with an academic consultant and they can answer any questions you might have. Or, if you order a planning or follow-up call, you can speak directly with your academic.

    We’ve spent more than a decade helping our customers throughout their academic journey. If you need to be reassured of a few details before placing an order, contact us so we can set your mind at ease.

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