PhD Applications Service

Crafting a successful application is potentially one of the most stressful moments of your academic career. This is why we have designed our PhD applications service to help ease the pressure of putting together your application entirely by yourself. Let our expert academics guide you through prospective options and help you find the most suitable path to pursue your academic goals.

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How it Works

Our applications service includes a comprehensive support package which consists of nine elements, tailored to your needs and subject area, and it is designed to assist students applying to PhD programmes in English-language universities across the UK, US, Australia, and more. We usually recommend applying to 5 - 7 universities to give yourself the best possible chances of success.

Consultation Session

You will start with a 60-minute Zoom call with a leading academic in your field. This introductory session is specifically designed to gain information about your academic background in order to fully understand your requirements and to discuss your application strategy and goals.

University Recommendations

You will be sent a personalised 1000-1500 word report, based on what was discussed with your academic. It will include a curated list of 5 universities, recommended based on criteria such as academic reputation, location, and funding opportunities. You will also receive a list of one potential professor for each university, including their academic profile page.

Letter of Introduction

Your academic will put together customised letters of introduction to be sent to the professors identified in the previous step, enhancing your chances of securing a supervisor for your PhD research project.

Funding Support

You will receive a 1000-word report providing tailored advice on institutional and national scholarships and sponsorships which may be available for the universities previously shortlisted.

CV Enhancement

A well-crafted and comprehensive CV is an integral part of your PhD application. You will benefit from a comprehensive professional edit of your CV which will highlight your academic achievements and potential.

Personal Statement

As part of our fully comprehensive package, your academic will work on a personal statement tailored to your scholarly profile and also drafts of any required essays, making sure that your application truly stands out.

Three PhD Titles & Rationales

Explore three original PhD titles and their rationales which will be related to the topic which you chose and discussed during the Zoom call with your academic.

Full PhD Proposal

After selecting one of the three proposed titles, you will receive a complete 1500 word PhD proposal. An expertly crafted proposal is essential for a successful outcome and it will provide a solid foundation for your application process.

Miscellaneous Help

If needed, we will support you with any other miscellaneous application requirements, be it visa applications, letters of reference, language tests, university correspondence or similar.

A smooth and stress-free PhD application process

Your academic will guide you through every step of your application process, providing personalised support to boost your chances of success in securing a PhD.

Our Academics

We would be thrilled to match your project with a leading academic from the most renowned universities worldwide. Our academics belong to universities such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with my essay?

We only work with highly qualified professional academics who have helped future PhD students secure their scholarships in some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, including Oxford and Cambridge. They will support you along each step of your PhD application, offering guidance and expertise to maximise your chances of success.

Is My Private PhD safe?

Yes. My Private PhD is a division of Icarus Education Ltd. Our process is entirely transparent, and you can speak to any member of our consultants by email or over the phone at any time during our normal working hours. We take payments online through Stripe - a globally secure payment gateway - so your money is always safe. We handle customer data according to the latest GDPR guidelines and respect our customers' privacy. For more information, you can read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you're ever in doubt, speak with one of our dedicated consultants who will be more than happy to help.

Quick and Easy

Our simple online ordering process means one of our hundreds of expert academics will be able to start offering support with your application straight away.