A PhD is a fulfilling yet incredibly demanding journey. Let us connect you with one of our experienced tutors and learn from them, irrespective of your subject area. Your dedicated tutor will be your trustworthy companion and will provide you with invaluable guidance regardless of the PhD phase you find yourself in.

Service Features

Use our simple online order form to book your tutoring session and you will be matched with a professional tutor who will offer unparalleled expertise in your subject area.

Customised and Unique Support

Your tutor will collaborate with you throughout a personalised learning journey, ensuring that your specific needs and goals are met. Rest assured that the support you will receive will be bespoke and tailored to your own PhD subject area.

Boost Your Confidence

Our tutoring sessions are designed to instil the confidence you need to persevere in your PhD journey, equipping you with invaluable tools to navigate each phase seamlessly. Whether you require support for conducting a literature review or guidance for a conference paper presentation, your tutor will help you.

Targeted Feedback

Your tutor will be dedicated to sharing essential feedback with you, which is crucial for delivering academic success. They will ensure that you maintain your motivation and will help you address key aspects of your work.

Detailed Planning

Designed to encourage the acquisition and refinement of vital skills for every aspiring doctoral researcher in academia, our tutoring sessions are meticulously planned out. Our rigorous selection process makes certain that a tutor, matched precisely to your academic needs and subject area, will guide you, allowing you to thrive in your academic career.

Work Improvements

Your tutor will offer you personalised support, honing your writing skills and encouraging improvements in any aspects of your PhD. From refining your scholarly prose to enhancing the clarity and impact of your research, our tutoring service is focused on making your academic output truly stand out.

Application & Career Advice

Whether you are seeking guidance for a successful PhD application or starting to navigate the path towards a rewarding postdoctoral career, your tutor will share tailored advice with you, allowing you to expand your academic aspirations.

Learn from the best tutors and gain confidence along the way

Your tutor will be hand-picked according to your subject area and will work with you, in order to guarantee that you fulfil your academic potential.

Our Tutors

We would be thrilled to match you a tutor from the most renowned universities worldwide. Our tutors belong to universities such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Private PhD safe?

Yes. My Private PhD is a division of Icarus Education Ltd. Our process is entirely transparent, and you can speak to our consultants by email or over the phone at any time during our normal working hours. We take payments online through Stripe - a globally secure payment gateway - so your money is always safe. We handle customer data according to the latest GDPR guidelines and respect our customers' privacy. For more information, you can read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you're ever in doubt, speak with one of our dedicated consultants who will be more than happy to help.

My subject is very specialised. Can you help?

We are very confident that we can. One of the benefits of having been in business since 2006 is the depth and breadth of our network of leading academics. Our experts have helped numerous PhD candidates with complex and unique projects, and we firmly believe that they can also help you.

Quick and Easy

Our simple online ordering process means that one of our expert tutors will be available to collaborate with you, offering support immediately.