The Benefits of Teaching as a PhD Student

Careers, PhD Life

7th December 2023

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The prospect of taking on additional responsibilities during your already busy doctoral journey may seem daunting. However, one role that often proves to be immensely rewarding is that of a teacher. While pursuing a doctorate is undeniably demanding, the benefits of teaching during a PhD are numerous and can significantly enhance both personal and professional development.

1. Enhanced Communication Skills

Teaching provides a unique platform for honing communication skills. Explaining complex concepts to students with varying levels of understanding requires the ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely. This skill not only facilitates effective knowledge transfer in the classroom but also proves invaluable when presenting research findings at conferences or communicating with peers in academic settings.

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2. Deepened Understanding of Subject Matter

Teaching forces PhD students to delve deeper into their subject matter. Preparing lectures necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the material, pushing educators to explore nuances and connections within their field. This process not only benefits the students but also contributes to the teacher’s own academic growth.

3. Networking Opportunities

Teaching offers a unique opportunity to expand professional networks. Interacting with students, colleagues, and fellow educators opens doors to collaborative research projects, discussions, and academic events. The connections made in the classroom can extend beyond the university walls, providing valuable contacts for future collaborations and career opportunities.

4. Time Management Skills

Balancing the demands of teaching and research requires effective time management. PhD students engaged in teaching learn to allocate their time efficiently, juggling multiple responsibilities without compromising the quality of their work. These refined time management skills are transferable to other aspects of academic and professional life.

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5. Contribution to the Academic Community

Teaching allows PhD students to contribute actively to the academic community. Sharing knowledge and insights with the next generation of scholars is a meaningful way to give back to the educational institution. Additionally, contributing to the academic community through teaching can enhance one’s sense of belonging and purpose within the university.

6. Professional Development

Engaging in teaching provides opportunities for professional development. Workshops on effective teaching strategies, feedback from peers and students, and the experience of adapting teaching methods to different learning styles all contribute to the continuous development of teaching skills, These skills can be advantageous in future academic roles or even in non-academic career paths that value effective communication and education.

7. Personal Fulfilment

Beyond the professional advantages, teaching as a PhD student can be personally fulfilling. Witnessing students grasp complex concepts and seeing their intellectual growth can be deeply rewarding. The sense of accomplishment derived from positively impacting others’ academic journeys adds a dimension of personal satisfaction to the often solitary doctoral experience.

Nurturing Growth Through Teaching

In conclusion, the benefits of teaching as a PhD student are multifaceted, encompassing professional development, personal satisfaction, and contributions to the academic community. If your department gives you the chance, go ahead and do it! While the journey towards a doctorate is undoubtedly rigorous, the experiences gained through teaching can enrich this path, equipping students with a diverse skill set that extends far beyond the confines of their research. 

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